NeuroField has been an extraordinary clinical technology addition to our patients' treatments. It maximizes improvements in patients' neurofeedback treatments, enables patients to improve further who plateaued, and has resulted in clinical breakthroughs for patients that I do not think would have occurred without NeuroField's contribution. Dr. Dogris and his staff are very dedicated teachers in support.

David Velkoff, MD, MA   

I'm a chiropractor who has been in private practice for 21 years. I have been doing neurotherapy of different descriptions for 16 years. It's been my pleasure to be working with the NeuroField system (Q20 amp and X3000 pEMF generator) for the past three years and have found it to be a true upgrade in my ability to help my clients. At our clinic we work with a variety of clients ranging from concussions to anxiety to ADHD and autism.
The NeuroField system has allowed us to accelerate and expand our treatment results by providing us with a tool that can gently coax and guide the brain into patterns it may otherwise have trouble accessing. By combining the driving capacity of the NeuroField along with the learning capacity of the Neuroguide equipment, we have a powerful push/pull treatment paradigm for affecting change in our clients.
Interestingly enough, as a practitioner of physical medicine, I've also found that the NeuroField has helped me treat a number of more somatically oriented complaints ranging from IBS to sprains and strains.
The entire body responds to pulsed EMFs!
Equally important is the people behind NeuroField. Whether it's the "head office" of Nick, Brad, Annie, Sophie and Jeff who continue to both innovate and maintain a bustling practice or the community at large, you're with a group of exceptional and caring people who dare to ask the questions that keep them at the front edge of patient care. NeuroField seminars often feel like a combination of high level practical learning, fun social gathering and a soothing balm for practitioners soul. If you're contemplating whether you should make the investment in NeuroField, I'd recommend it highly!

Dr. Peter DeShane   

NeuroField equipment has become the cornerstone of our daily life in our neurotherapy practice. The flexibility of the systems and the ability to layer stimulation techniques alongside learning results in efficient training. The hardware is robust and reliable; the software is easy to navigate; the educational support and mentoring and technical support from the whole NeuroField team is excellent.
The problem is that once you have it you just want more!

Melanie & Maria Harrogate   

I have used the NeuroField here in Switzerland For about here and have very positive results on my clients and myself as well. What is very important for me though, being way over here in Switzerland, is the support and encouragement that I receive from the staff at NeuroField and the wonderful community of experienced caring and supportive NeuroField users.

John Styffe   

My experience of NeuroField as both patient & clinician has astonished me in its ability to recover and or optimize. In my opinion NeuroField is nothing short of Genius!

Monique Williams