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neurofield-q20-eggNeuroField Q20 EEG

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neurofield-x3000NeuroField X3000

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neurofield-tdcs-tacsNeuroField tDCS/tACS

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neurofield-hrvNeuroField HRV

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neurofield-qcheckNeuroField QCheck

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neurofield-siggenNeuroField Signal Generator

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NeuroField-X1000NeuroField X1000


The NeuroField X1000 was the first generation PEMF Stimulation device released by NeuroField Inc. It had a lower output power and used and 25-pin output to drive a specially designed PEMF Cap for whole-head stimulation

NeuroField-X2000NeuroField X2000


The NeuroField X2000 offered higher output than the X1000 for PEMF stimulation. In addition, the X2000 offered 2 channel EEG and HRV in one unit

NeuroField-PlusNeuroField Plus


The NeuroField Plus unit is a secondary amplifier for the X1000 and X2000. The Plus provided additional power and the ability to drive a set of PEMF stimulation coils, allowing precision placement anywhere on the head or body