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The Q20 EEG Amplifier is state of the art in pristine EEG signal processing. Designed from the ground up for ease of use and flexibility.

The Q20 is a 19 channel Electroencephalogram with a low noise floor of 0.25 μV peak to peak from 0.1 to 10.0Hz, meaning that you can record EEG without worrying about noise contamination. On top of our low-noise design, the Q20 is a non-multiplexed, multi-channel readout amp, minimizing slew for the most accurate whole brain imaging, and giving you the exact readout of your recordings, no loss of data or smoothing.

In NeuroField64 you can acquire stand-alone EEG or use our synchronized EEG and stimulation (pEMF, tACS, or both) Z-score training to take things to the next level. Combining Z-score with EEG allows you to target your neurofeedback protocols with an unprecedented level of accuracy, taking your therapy plans to a new level of effectiveness.

The Q20 is also fully integrated into the Neuroguide suite as well as both Bioexplorer and BioEra for traditional amplitude training.

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Channels19 (Non-Multiplexed)
ReferencesA1/A2 (ears)
GroundChannel 20
Input Range+/-100mV EEG, +/-5 VDC
Input Noise0.25 μV P – P, 0.1-10.0Hz
Common Mode Rejection Ratio>120dB from 0-60Hz
Single Pole Low Pass Filter~80Hz
Resolution24 bits
Sample Rate/Data Rate256 Samples/sec
Full Scale Input Range+/-2.25 V
EEG Resolution0.02 μVolts/LSB
EEG Channel BandwidthSoftware Controllable
DC Offset MeasurementAverage DC Level
Sensor Contact QualityMonitored Via Offset Voltage
PC ConnectionUSB – CAN Optically Isolated
Software CompatibilityNeuroField64, Neuroguide, Bioexplorer, Bioera

Q20 Package Details

The Q20 kit includes everything you would need to connect the Q20 Quantitative EEG system to your computer. The Q20 is a Quantitative Electroencephalograph, and it does not provide any form of stimulation. If you wish to run stimulation treatments, take a look at our X3000 or Z3.

Package Contents:
-Q20 EEG Unit
-One 4-Channel Breakout Box
-One RRC2040 Battery Pack
-One Battery Pack Charger (100-240VAC)
-Access to NeuroField64

Requires but does NOT include E1-LEX electrode cap or E5-9S ear drops.

Please Check our Hardware Recommendations page to see if your computer will run our software.

NeuroField products and procedures have not been evaluated by the FDA. The Q20 EEG is a battery powered device that is 510K exempt. All NeuroField devices are meant for stress reduction and relaxation.