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NeuroField64 is the most advanced software for unifying Neurostimulation and Neurofeedback in a single platform. [1]
Developed from the ground up with new 64-bit code and multi-threading, NeuroField64 is the most powerful, combined Neuromodulation software ever released from NeuroField.

Real-time Threshold adjustment
Neurofeedback setup
What’s New in NeuroField64?
First and foremost in NF64 is our new, built-in support for amplitude training. Fully customizable for up-training and down-training across 11 ranges and 19 EEG sites, while being adjustable in real-time during training, NF64 amplitude training is adaptable to any need. NF64 also offers optional support for Applied Neuroscience’s Z-Score based feedback, for normative database, coherence, and phase training as well. NF64 has support for tone based feedback built in and video based feedback is optional through the Zukor Media Player plug-in.

What’s Different from the Legacy Software?
NF64 offers many updates to our original formula. One of our biggest changes is in our stimulation systems. NF64 has support for two pEMF and two tDCS/tACS/tRNS units simultaneously (in addition to feedback), and has a new, far more flexible, protocol creator. With up to four neurostimulation units at once and fully customizable frequencies, waveforms, amplitudes, and durations for all four units, the new protocol wizard offers the ultimate customizable, targeted neurostimulation therapies.
Stim setup
Protocol wizard

Stim running
Neurofeedback running
What More can NeuroField64 Do?
NeuroField64 isn’t just a neurofeedback platform. With four databases, over a hundred protocols, and a user customizable database, NF64 can be configured and used for just about any pEMF or current stimulation therapy that you can come up with. With HRV/muscle response based feedback for brain and body therapies, EEG feedback, pEMF stimulation and current stimulation, NF64 is the most advanced, most customizable Neurofeedback and Neurostimulation system ever!

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[1] As of March 2017