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The NeuroField Genesis offers a leap forward in current stimulation technology; the first device to combine transcranial Direct Current (tDCS), Alternating Current (tACS),  Random Noise (tRNS) and Pink Noise (tAPNS) stimulation into one unit.

The Genesis offers similar flexibility as our X3000, with the capability to generate sine, triangle, and square waves in pulsed or continuous with frequency ranging from 0.001 to 1,000Hz or white noise ranging from 0.001 to 8,192Hz. Furthermore, filtered noise (tAPNS) ranges can be generated between 10-9000 Hz.  This combined with the option of DC as well offers an unprecedented level of customizability in the growing field of transcranial stimulation. Maximum current is capped at +/-2.5mA/24 volt differential drive and monitored with our 16 bit Real-Time Current Sensor (RTCS), a first for tDCS/tACS/tRNS, allowing you to confirm a proper connection as well as ensure safe operation for your patients.

Fully Integrated with NeuroField64, you can combine up to two each of the Genesis and pEMF (X3000) stimulation units with our Real-Time Z-Score EEG (Q21) for one of the most comprehensive and advanced neurofeedback systems possible.

NeuroField64 includes multiple databases containing more than 100 unique protocols and offers you the ability to customize or create your own tailored protocols as well.

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Connectors3.5mm Touchproof (DIN 42-802)
AC – Continuous Sine
AC – Continous Triangular
AC – Continuous Square
AC – Pulsed Sine
AC – Pulsed Triangular
AC – Pulsed Square
AC – Random Noise
DC Mode Output Range+/-2.5 mA
DC Mode Resoultion14 bit D/A Converter
AC Mode Output Range0.001 to 2.5 ma Peak to Peak
AC Mode Frequency Range0.001 to 1,000Hz (tDCS/tACS)
0.001 to 8,192Hz (tRNS)

10-9000 Hz (tAPNS)

Pulsed Mode # of Periods1 to 65,535
Real-Time Current Sensor Range+/- 2.5 mA
RTCS Resoultion16 bit A/D Converter
RTCS Sample Rate1 to 200Hz Software Timed
PC ConnectionUSB – CAN Optically Isolated
Software CompatibilityNeuroField64

Genesis Package Details

The Genesis kit includes everything you would need to operate the Genesis system. The Genesis is a STIMULATION ONLY unit, and it does not record any data. If you wish to collect EEG data, take a look at our Q21 EEG.

Package Contents:
-Genesis Stim Unit
-One set of 60″ DIN 42-802 EEG Snap Electrode Leads
-One Bag of Covidien 43x35mm disposable ECG Electrodes
-One Bag of Covidien 30x24mm disposable ECG Electrodes
-One CANBus USB adapter
-Two RJ-45 cables
-One RRC2040 Battery Pack
-One Battery Pack Charger (100-240VAC)
-Access to NeuroField64

Please Check our Hardware Recommendations page to see if your computer will run our software.

NeuroField products and procedures have not been evaluated by the FDA. The Genesis (previously Z3) is considered an investigational device by the FDA and is pending evaluation. All NeuroField devices are meant for stress reduction and relaxation.